Special Bricks

Petersen Tegl’s department of moulded brick creates one-of-a-kind bricks for both new builds and historical buildings. Petersen Tegl has many years’ experience in creating handmade bricks, an expertise which forms the basis of our brickworks’ large department for moulded brick, i.e. hand-moulded bricks in unique formats developed for specific projects.

The department of moulded brick was established in 1990 when Tivoli Gardens needed to restore its main entrance from 1890 adorned with terracotta ornaments. Petersen Tegl was commissioned to recreate the ornaments.

Much of the department’s production is destined for projects where the architectural idiom calls for special bricks in order to realise unique details in the brickwork. Another key area is restoration jobs in connection with historically and often listed buildings. It takes special skills to create bricks whose colour and structure match buildings that are often centuries old.

Glazing is another expertise area of the department following its many years’ of experiments in colours and firing temperatures. The glazed bricks are delivered to modern as well as historical buildings. 

Architects, construction clients and other collaborators are always welcome to visit the department of moulded brick to engage in an on-site discussion of how to solve a particular task in the best possible way.

Although most of the manufactured moulded bricks are one-of-a-kind products, some moulded bricks are so widely available that they can be delivered as standard products.