Film & video

The Royal Playhouse

In 2008, the Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen was inaugurated, designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg after an open, international architectural competition.

A portrait of the building and its creation, narrated by the architect.

Danish with English subtitles.

Petersen Tegl - since 1791

Petersen Tegl was founded in 1791 by Boelsman Peter Andresen in Skodsbøl.

Today, more than 230 years later, the brickworks is located in the same place and is owned and operated by the same family for 7, 8 and 9 generations...

Prefabricated lintels - production and building method

Modern buildings have an increasing need for prefabricated lintels for openings in masonry such as doors and windows.

The film explains how our lintels are produced and applied.

English speech.