Close collaborations

It is of utmost importance for Petersen Tegl that any construction or other structure made of brick obtains the exact appearance as requested by the client. This makes the close collaboration between architects, construction clients, artists and other collaborators a pivotal aspect of our brickworks’ business. 

If as customer, you cannot find the desired colour or structure in the brick available in our range, you can collaborate with our employees to create the look you want. 

You can also choose a mix of bricks from our range and in that way create a unique look of the final brickwork. You are welcome to come visit our brickworks and experiment with different combinations until you achieve the desired look.

More than half of Petersen Tegl’s standard range is made by hand. This means that our brickworks is geared to design unique brick formats as required by the architecture – and we are naturally able to supplement any delivery of standard bricks with moulded bricks for corners and other building details. 

Architects and construction clients are natural collaborators of Petersen Tegl. Moreover, our brickworks has a long-standing tradition of collaborating with artists, whose works often relate to architecture. The artists typically stay for an extended period at the brickworks where they create their works by hand.