The colors could differ from what is seen in the image


K40 is 100% hand-made, hand-moulded and reduced, i.e. fired in low-oxygen conditions. It has four equally usable sides and a rough, changing surface. Each brick bears the thumbprints of the craftsperson who made it. K40’s deep, dark-brown colour has reddish-brown and burgundy tones. The understated dark areas are due to the red slurry added to the wet clay in the wooden mould. All of the bricks have a slightly sandy surface as well as partially vitrified areas.


Measures 20.8 x 4.3 x 1.5 in
Faces 4
Bricks required App. 38 pcs/m2
Mortar required App. 3 kg/brick
Cleaning See manual or contact Petersen

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