D91 Harefield Road

Location: London

Architect: Gruff Architects

Finished: 2019

Photos: French+Tye

Petersen Magazine: Petersen 45

Products: D91

Categories: Single-family home

When they returned to Britain after several years in Australia, the family looked at this semi-detached Victorian house in Brockley with new eyes. It was definitely in need of renovation, but they were also keen to enjoy the kind of outdoor living space they had come to appreciate Down Under.

The owners commissioned Gruff Architects to realise their vision. The result is an extension with a distinct identity all of its own due to the angular, symmetrical roof and skylight on top. A small courtyard nestled between the existing house and the extension allows daylight to flood the new living spaces, while lush greenery forms a small oasis around the dining area.

Gruff opted for a modern brick (D91) with distinctive and varied grey tones. The brick enters into dialogue with the cool grey zinc cladding of the roof, as well as with the golden hues of the floors and the lacquered oak window and door frames. The new terrace offers views of a lush garden with comfortable seating and a pond with waterlilies.