Villa Berg

Location: Oslo, Norge

Architect: R21

Photos: Ruben Ratkusic

Petersen Magazine: Petersen 48

Products: D46

Categories: Single-family home

Simple, rectangular facades and a flat roof make for a precise and clear shape in a detached family home in Oslo consisting of a single narrow volume rising in three levels, totalling 390m2.

The well chosen palette of materials endows the building with a distinctive character, with facades surfaces in redbrown D46 abutting concrete cast in situ with a denser, redgold shade. Continued up to the first floor in several places, the concrete serves as paving as well as cladding on parts of the exterior walls. The bricks´vibrant, rustic look signals something classic and recognisable and is also a direct nod to an older, neighbouring garden suburb in red brick. The concrete elements create a contemporary contrast, adding a more subtle colour referance to the garden suburb´s roof tiles.

The rigid material and colour palette also binds the inside and outside . Both interior gable walls are clad in the same brick as the exterior walls - a touch that adds warmth and a rustic air to the interior and linkes it to the outdoor space.