The colors could differ from what is seen in the image


C48 is 100% hand-made and hand-moulded with a rough, changing surface. It is not laid but mounted to roofs and façades using screws. It has a varied play of colour in warm red and brownish shades, with small, irregular, greenish-yellow areas due to the addition of light slurry to the wet clay in the wooden mould. as well as partially vitrified areas.

C48 was the first product in the Cover range. It was developed in collaboration with Min2 Architects, who wanted a facing brick to clad their own house in Bergen Aan Zee, the Netherlands.



Cover 240
Measures 528 x 240 x 37 mm
Faces 1
Bricks required 9-10 pcs/m2
Weight per stone 6,5 - 7,0 kg
Recommended batten distance 200 mm
Recommended overlay 40 mm
Cover 170
Measures 528 x 170 x 37 mm
Faces 1
Bricks required 14-15 pcs/m2
Weight per stone 4,5-5,0 kg
Recommended batten distance 130 mm
Recommended overlay 40 mm

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