Petersen Cover™ is a handmade tile product for roofs and facades. The tile adds a distinctive and modern look to the building while offering all the known advantages of tile. The structure of the handmade tiles engenders both robust and modern facades.


Like Kolumba™, Petersen Cover™ is handmade in wooden moulds. Different combinations of clay types are used for the tile, which is fired at very high temperatures. If an architect or client cannot find the desired structure or look in our range, they can collaborate with the brickworks to develop a custom version of Cover™.  

Petersen Cover™ comes in two standard formats:

528mm x 170mm x 37mm
528mm x 240mm x 37mm.


Assembly of Petersen Cover™ is simple and reminiscent of the traditional assembly of pantiles known for centuries. The tile is fastened to an underlying structure which ensures that it lies accurately on the surface and around the corners of the building. The tiles cannot blow off or be removed manually, which makes this solution vandal proof. Assembly is quick and can be done in most kinds of weather. See a photo montage exemplifying the assembly ASSEMBLY >


Petersen Cover™ can be recycled and is therefore a highly sustainable product. The tiles are easy to disassemble – without using special tools – and can be recycled indefinitely.

Traditional brickwork requires no maintenance except for the joints which have to be checked after some years. Petersen Cover™ has no joints and requires minimum maintenance. A facade made of Petersen Cover™ is naturally made without expansion joints – which can seem unsightly on a brick facade. Facades made of Petersen Cover™ serve as water-repellent building envelopes and absorb a minimum of water.

Petersen Cover™ is an original and different solution with a natural kinship with traditional brick houses. Constructions with Petersen Cover can be made in various ways.

See a gallery of various solutions of e.g. corners and coverings. DETAILS > 

The colours are indicative only.