Custom Bricks

The fact that bricks can be tailor-made allows architects and designers greater freedom and creativity. This new book will feature examples of the use of custom bricks.

As a building block, brick has an almost unique quality. It can be produced in exactly the shape you need. Much of Petersen Tegl’s standard product range is 100 % handmade, which makes it possible to comply with special requests.

In some cases, special formats are used for ornamentation and complicated detailing. In others, they are used to make the brickwork look as harmonious as possible, for example, angled bricks used at corners.

Or you can accentuate the bond by having bricks produced in different lengths. Custom Bricks features 47 different projects that use bricks in special formats, colours or glazes.

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Pusblished: 2022 by Petersen Tegl A/S
Language: English
Author: Ida Præstegaard
Editors: Ida Præstegaard, Annette Petersen
Graphic design: Zangenberg Design
ISBN: 978-87-971240-1-7
Measures: B240 x H275 x D15 mm
Pages: 225