Petersen Tegl has been located on the same location at Nybøl Nor for more than 220 years.

Peter Andresen's permission to produce bricks - signed personally by King Christian VII i 1791.

The office of the brickworks is located in the old hen house built in the 1930s. The transformation was carried out by Architect Annette Petersen, 8th generation Petersen.

The surroundings — here the Kolumba™ garden.

Christian A. Petersen - owner of the brickyard and 7th generation Petersen.

Morning chat - in honor of photographer.

At Petersen Tegl we take pride in protecting the ancient principles of brick manufacturing.

The brickyard is known for its collaboration with artists. Vibeke Fonnesberg is one of them.

'Emma' - the Petersen ship, led by Captain Lars 'Lasse' Truelsen.

Visit Petersen Tegl

Petersen Tegl's bricks must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Allow yourself the experience of a visit to the brickworks to see the comprehensive exhibition of brickwork samples from the product range with a variety of mortar joints.

Petersen Tegl is less than 20 km away from the E45 Motorway and less than 15 km from Sønderborg Airport. 

  • Distance from Copenhagen: 320 km
  • Distance from Århus: 185 km
  • Distance from Odense: 160 km
  • Distance from Hamburg: 180 km