Petersen Tegl has been located on the same location at Nybøl Nor for more than 220 years.

Peter Andresen's permission to produce bricks - signed personally by King Christian VII i 1791.

The office of the brickworks is located in the old hen house built in the 1930s. The transformation was carried out by Architect Annette Petersen, 8th generation Petersen.

The surroundings — here the Kolumba™ garden.

Christian A. Petersen - owner of the brickyard and 7th generation Petersen.

Morning chat - in honor of photographer.

At Petersen Tegl we take pride in protecting the ancient principles of brick manufacturing.

The brickyard is known for its collaboration with artists. Vibeke Fonnesberg is one of them.

'Emma' - the Petersen ship, led by Captain Lars 'Lasse' Truelsen.

Company Profile

Petersen Tegl is a Danish brickworks which manufactures and sells bricks with emphasis on excellent craftsmanship.

As one of the few brickworks in the world, Petersen Tegl masters the art of firing bricks using coal as fuel. This process adds vibrant light and dark shades to the waterstruck bricks.

The brickworks also manufactures the handcrafted Kolumba™ and Petersen Cover™, an awardwinning range of tile products for facades and roofs.

Bricks developed for special assignments are a key business area, where work is carried out in close cooperation with architects or construction clients.

Petersen Tegl was founded in 1791 and has been run by the same family in a direct line ever since. Today, the brickworks exports its products around the world, including the USA, Japan, Australia, Russia and several European countries.