Facts about Petersen bricks


The brickworks' waterstruck, coal-fired bricks are produced on machines emulating the way in which bricks are made by hand. This results in non-uniform bricks.

The bricks are manufactured by pressing a wet lump of  clay into a wet wooden mould. The excess clay is removed, and by using water as release agent, the mould can be lifted off, leaving the soft brick.

As the only brickworks in Denmark, Petersen Tegl fires its bricks with coal. The method is demanding, yet necessary to achieve the colour play in light and dark shades. As a result of the firing method, minimal dimension variations and cracks may occur but these are irrelevant for the durability of the bricks.

The range of coal-fired bricks includes 31 bricks in a wealth of colours. Furthermore, the brickworks manufactures bricks in special colours, exactly according to the customers' requests.


Petersen Tegl's bricks are frost resistant. We primarily use clay from the brickworks' local surroundings where clay has been dug for brick production for several hundred years.

At the brickworks, the clay is pugged, moulded and pressed using techniques which emulate the processing method used when all work was performed by hand.

The method gives the clay the best possible texture with capillaries and air voids allowing the water to expand when it freezes without damaging the brick. The mere fact that bricks can absorb water does therefore not involve a risk of frost damage.

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